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Hernia Surgery Complications: Is It The Hernia Mesh?

Over the last several decades, medical device companies have made extraordinary progress in creating products that improve patients' lives. Medical devices (and the surgeons who skillfully use them in their patients) do make people better.

But sometimes they don't:

    - Sometimes the profit motive seems to be more important than patient safety.
    - Sometimes medical device companies simply pull unsafe products from the marketplace and adverse patient outcomes go unreported.
    - Sometimes the Food and Drug Administration fails to take action and issue a much-needed recall.

    This is so with the hernia mesh.

Hernia Mesh: A Defective Medical Device

Companies that manufacture medical devices – like the hernia mesh – have the unqualified duty to market and sell safe products. The failure to do so is an example of negligence, which in general means the failure to exercise reasonable care. In turn, this failure causes injury to another person.

Unsafe hernia meshes – and the additional failure of the FDA to issue public recalls (instead seeming to allow medical device companies to take matters into their own hands) – hasn't injured just one patient, but likely thousands, based on the number of hernia repair procedures performed in the U.S. every year.

Surgeons repair more than 1 million hernias annually in the U.S., and in many of these repairs, surgeons use one of the dozens of hernia mesh products on the market, which in some cases may cause more problems than they solve.

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